Dami Hyung_Blue_2010

Dami Hyung_Blue_2010

2012. 1. 10.

appearance on TV (KBS-cheongju)

I was on TV ,Cheong-ju KBS broadcast 'Culture spot(문화현장)', on 8th Jan 2012.

I'm in 'Cheong-ju art studio' from Oct 2011~Apr 2012 .

The TV program is about artists in the studio.

If you want to watch it, you need to use Internet explorer and join in KBS.

I want to bring the video.. but the log on system makes it hard.

Only thing I can is bringing the tag and some steal cut.

The CJ studio part is -(2:55~12:00)

My appearance parts are -(4:00~4:43) , (11:00~11:20).



2012. 1. 6.

Le Grand Bleu, 2010, Dami Hyung

▲ Le Grand Bleu, 150x100x150, wire, silicon, enamel, 2010

-This work is also wearable. When you wear or stay inside this, you can feel the universe or the earth as looking at the big picture.  

Le Grand Bleu, 2010 (Oct)
Dami Hyung's performance in the Shuim Museum( http://shuim.org ) in Seoul.