Dami Hyung_Blue_2010

Dami Hyung_Blue_2010

2012. 1. 10.

appearance on TV (KBS-cheongju)

I was on TV ,Cheong-ju KBS broadcast 'Culture spot(문화현장)', on 8th Jan 2012.

I'm in 'Cheong-ju art studio' from Oct 2011~Apr 2012 .

The TV program is about artists in the studio.

If you want to watch it, you need to use Internet explorer and join in KBS.

I want to bring the video.. but the log on system makes it hard.

Only thing I can is bringing the tag and some steal cut.

The CJ studio part is -(2:55~12:00)

My appearance parts are -(4:00~4:43) , (11:00~11:20).



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